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I met Beth soon after moving to Hastings nearly 7 years ago in her beautifully styled children’s ware shop Among Other Things in St Leonards. The basement of the shop was Toby’s studio & print making space as well as rehearsal studio where my husband used to rehearse with his band. It had a wonderful creative, underground feel to it but unfortunately, St Leonards wasn’t ready for Toby and Beth’s awesome style and taste back then. Sadly, the shop closed down. Beth now works as a freelance editor, while Toby runs ‘Gensing Farm’, an independent record label. Toby is also a paste up artist, adorning the streets of Hastings and St Leonards with his cool posters. Their home which they share with their children Archie and Nancy, is a gorgeous eclectic mix of piece collected from overseas flea markets and car boot sales. I especially love the ‘Burger King’ light above the german beer garden table and benches and their daughter Nancy’s bedroom. Thank you Beth and Toby for sharing your home with us in the first of this Inside Hastings series.

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