Putting Hastings Back on the Music Map

Faeground Accidents

Hastings was crowned the most musical town in Britain by The Daily Mirror. It has a rich musical history – playing host to greats such as Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, The Clash and The Who. However, over time, many cherished venues were  left to decay and in the case of Hastings Pier, met a tragic end. Despite this, Hastings’ musical community has remained strong, with a busy gig calendar and numerous festivals such as Hastings Fat Tuesday and Hastings Folk Fest. With so much local passion for the art and with so many venues on offer, it’s high time that Hastings was put back on the tour circuit.

Spoilt Girls 1066 is a collective with the aim of doing just that. Their mission is to return Hastings to its former musical glory by celebrating its rich musical history of live music as well as working towards a bigger and better Hastings. They want bands to think of its rocky shores as the place to play, to consider it the place to be. With Hastings Pier set to be completed by Spring 2016 and with the emergence of more and more fantastic local acts,   the time is right to put Hastings back where it belongs; the jewel in the seaside crown of Sussex.

Spoilt Girls is a non-profit collective with all proceeds going  straight to the bands; the gigs that they host will be ticketed and the money put straight back into getting more bands to Hastings and paying them properly. Spoilt Girls also aims to reinforce the fact that being a musician is a profession and therefore these musicians need to be paid adequately for their hard work and for their inspiration; they provide us with an escape into soulful bliss, they entertain us and they provide the beat to make us dance.

Buffalo Songbook
Hastings is a hotbed of musical mavericks; this colourful town inspires creatives to go after their dreams of writing, painting and singing. For years Hastings has been a pull for the beat down poets, the aspiring writers, the soulful singers and the woeful painters. Come and see for yourself…

Spoilt Girls 1066 cordially invites you on April 24th at the Masonic Hall in St. Leonards to take part in our quest to place Hastings back on the national tour circuit. Sheffield favourites Faerground Accidents will be headlining with support from Buffalo Songbook (hailing from London) and our local legends Thee Jezebels. Tickets are £8 each or two for £15 and can be purchased on the door or from:

The Crown, All Saints Street, TN34 3BN

Susan Diamond, Kings Road, TN37 6DU

Music’s Not Dead, Devonshire Road, TN40 1BD

This is our time to make Hastings shine and Spoilt Girls needs your support, get involved and we look forward to seeing your faces there on April 24th.